Independant lining Pladur® 88 (70-45) 1N MW

Independent lining made up of a structure of galvanised sheet steel profiles over Pladur® studs and Pladur® channels (horizontal elements), on whose interior side, depending on the height to be covered, the studs must be braced with brackets that attach to the core of the studs and the support wall, leaving a minimum space between the structure and the wall of 10 mm. On the exterior side of this structure one or more Pladur® plasterboards are screwed on. Commensurate amounts of Pladur® materials: screws, compounds, joint tape, watertight/acoustic perimeter joints, etc., as well as anchors for channels on the floor and ceiling, etc. Completely finished with Quality Level 1 (Q1) for tile finishes, laminates, furring, etc. Also with Level 2 (Q2), Level 3 (Q3), Level 4 (Q4), according to the surface finish (to be determined by the design). Core of the Pladur® structure filled completely with mineral wool. Installed according to Pladur® recommendations, UNE 102043 Standard and CTE requirements.


Further information

Maximum height: 3950 mm
Acoustic insulation - RA: 63 dBA
RA increase (with 100 kg/m2 load bearing wall): 14 dBA
Acoustic insulation - RA,tr: 58 dBA
RA,tr increase (with 100 kg/m2 load bearing wall): 13 dBA
System weigh: 19 kg/m²
Plasterboard: Pladur® N
Board thickness: 18 mm
Type of basic profile: Stud 70/45 XL Z1
System thickness: 98 mm
Number of layers: Simple
Acoustic report number: 10.05/200.143
Installation method: UNE 120043 Standard

Interior and façade wall lining to increase thermal and acoustic insulation. It is used for all types of work, although it is highly suited for new construction, renovation and rehabilitation.