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Resistance to humidity

Water vapour production in a building depends on the number of occupants, room use, ventilation and the heating system.  

High levels of humidity can be the cause of numerous problems, such as mould, condensation and poor air quality, which affect occupants’ health and the sustainability of the building.  



Pladur® provides solutions to maintain excellent performance in areas of high humidity: 

  • Its water-resistant boards, which maintain their properties in the presence of humidity (Pladur H1, Omnia, Ultra L-Tec H1, Magna H1, Cementex). 
  • The quality of the system components and their protection (galvanised profiles, watertight seals, etc.),
  • And the recommended assembly method, all of which guarantee watertight sealing and protection of the components to ensure the good performance and qualities of the system (Wall lining panels, partitions and ceilings)




Types of premises by degree of humidity  




Low humidity 

Water is only used for cleaning, but never sprayed. 

Bedrooms, lounges, halls, classrooms. Rooms in homes, hospitals, hotels and offices 

Medium humidity 

Water is used for maintenance and cleaning, but never as a pressurised jet. Water may be sprayed as steam,  but only sporadically. 

Private kitchens, toilets, showers and bathrooms. Porticoes and semi-outdoor conditions 

High humidity 

Water is sometimes present at low pressure streams ≤ 60 atm It may also sporadically be present as steam over long periods indoors. 

Shared sanitary facilities and kitchens. Shared, non-industrial laundry rooms. 

Very high humidity 

Water is present, practically systematically, in liquid form or as steam.  High pressure water jet cleaning is permitted.  

Aqua parks, swimming pools, shared bathrooms and showers. Dairies and industrial laundries. 


Water Resistant Boards 

Pladur provides water resistant solutions which maintain their qualities in the presence of humidity:

- Low humidity: Pladur N
- Medium humidity: Pladur H1, Pladur Omnia, Pladur Magna H1
- High humidity and very high humidity: Pladur Cementex



Humidity protection for materials. 

Pladur profiles and metal accessories have protection to match their exposure to humidity.


Installation recommendations in humid zones

In medium to high humid zones, a number of installation recommendations should be taken into account that affect:  

  • Use of H1 boards 
  • Special provisions in the partition base 
  • Modulation between profiles 
  • Special protection provisions in areas with bathtubs, shower pans and other bathroom fittings likely to be affected by water.  

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