What would happen if a board had all the most demanded features?

Omnia plasterboard combines all the most demanded characteristics in a single board, allowing it to be installed in humid areas, in spaces that require surface hardness or fire resistance, and in rooms where greater acoustic insulation is needed.

All these features make it easy to choose Pladur Omnia as your plasterboard and simplifie the installation on site, so you are always on point.


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Humid areas

Perfect for rooms with medium humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens (H1 Type)



Surface hardness

High-density and surface hardness plasterboard



Fire Resistance

Same fire resistance as Pladur F



Acoustic isolation

Higher level of acoustic insulation than plasterboard N (+3db)


Pladur Plasterboard Omnia

Pladur Plasterboard Omnia

Laminated plasterboard formed by a 100% natural gypsum core stronglu wraped between two sheets of cellulose. We have two thicknesses available:

Omnia 13

Technical Information

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Omnia 15

Información técnica

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Omnia Catalogue

Omnia Catalogue

Product Technical Sheet

Product Technical Sheet


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