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The new Reinforced range Pladur® studs and rails 48 and 70 have all the installation advantages that you need. Its innovative reinforced design allows better handling and fits between profiles, improving workability and efficiency.

The stamped P  Pladur® incorporated on the profile's core allows the better identification on work, in addition to providing security assuring that all used materials in the Systems are  Pladur®

Gama reforzada de canales y montantes Pladur, perfiles de fácil instalación   Easy Installation
Gama reforzada de canales y montantes Pladur, perfil reforzado   Reinforced Profile
Gama reforzada de canales y montantes Pladur, perfecto encaje entre perfiles   Perfect Fit
Gama reforzada de canales y montantes Pladur, sistema certificado con fácil control en obra   Certificated System
Gama reforzada de canales y montantes Pladur®, producto certificado para seguridad de nuestros clientes   Certificated Product


Zonas húmedas

Ideal para locales de humedad media como baños y cocinas (Tipo H1)


Dureza superficial

Placa de alta densidad y gran dureza superficial


Resistencia al fuego

Misma resistencia al fuego que Pladur F


Aislamiento acústico

Mayor nivel de aislamiento acústico que la placa N (+3db)


Pladur® System Selector

Pladur® System Selector

Tool to select the Pladur System you need. Once you have selected the system, you may obtain the technical specification and an estimate for your order.

Solutions by type of performance



Technical manual

Technical manual

Systems Guide

Systems Guide

Environmental commitment

Pladur® is committed to the environment and sustainability. We carry out a variety of actions to ensure a green and sustainable future for all.

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