1. PLADUR® is a registered trademark owned by Pladur Gypsum, S.A. (hereinafter, Pladur Gypsum or the Company). The mark PLADUR® can be only used in relation to genuine goods originating in Pladur Gypsum, and not in relation with third party’s products.

2. Authorized use: The trademark PLADUR may be only used for the purposes expressly authorized by Pladur Gypsum.

- PLADUR® must not be used as a noun, a verb, in plural or hyphenated.
The mark can be used as an adjective before nouns.

- PLADUR® is a trademark, not a construction material. The proper manner to refer to the material that is commercialized under this mark is “drywall”, “plasterboard” or “wallboard”. Any use of the mark as a material is a violation of Pladur Gypsum’s legitimate rights and can be acted against.

- To preserve its full rights, the mark must be used in a way that it is being clear that the word PLADUR is a distinctive registered sign in such a way that it stands out above the rest of the words, this is, by using any of the following formats:

a) Including the registration symbol after the word -PLADUR ®-.
b) In CAPITAL letters -PLADUR-
c) In Bold letters -PLADUR-.
d) Using a larger size font than the rest of the letters.
e) Using a different letter font to differentiate it to the rest of the writing.

- The following trademark notice must be included as a footnote or in at least one place on any website or print that displays the mark PLADUR®:

“PLADUR® is a registered trademark owned by Pladur Gypsum, S.A.”

3. The company Pladur Gypsum, S.A must not be confused with its trademark PLADUR®. To avoid confusion, when referring to the manufacturer Pladur Gypsum, the symbol ® must not be included.

4. PLADUR cannot be used as a third party’s brand, trademark, part of a trademark, confusingly similar trademark, company name, domain name or any other proprietary right.

5. The use of the mark PLADUR is not allowed in relation to endorsement, sponsorship, advertising or promotion purposes unless previously agreed upon with or Pladur Gypsum.

6. Pladur Gypsum strongly recommends sending any material containing the trademark PLADUR to be reviewed by them before public release in order to verify the compliance of the material with these guidelines.

7. Pladur Gypsum reserves the right to bring civil or any other kind of actions in defence of its trademark exclusive rights.

8. These Guidelines may vary in time. Pladur Gypsum reserves the right to update, change or modify these guidelines, at sole discretion. Any change in these terms will be displayed in Pladur Gypsum’s webpage.

9. These Guidelines’ terms are applicable to all marks owned by Pladur Gypsum.