Pladur Boards

Laminated plasterboards for Pladur partitions, cladding panels and ceilings. Manufactured to meet the highest demands and comply with all required standards. They are an integral part of Pladur Systems, whose technical specifications are guaranteed by numerous tests (fire protection, mechanical resistance and acoustic and thermal insulation).

Pladur ceilings

Perforated and/or decorated laminated plasterboards for continuous and accessible ceilings. These frames are designed to hide installations, provide thermal and acoustic insulation and acoustically condition rooms to reduce reverberation time and provide greater comfort.

Pladur frames

Metal profiles and accessories for Pladur partition, cladding panel and ceiling frames. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, high-quality steel and high-level coating to provide perfect rust protection and maximum mechanical resistance.


Accessories for the construction of Pladur systems, such as screws, joint treatment tapes, corner protection, beading, hatches and wall and support anchoring and fixings.”

Pladur compound

Joint and adhesive compounds for Pladur systems, for easy completion of cladding panel installation, joint treatment, intersections with other building units and special finishes for partitions and ceilings. Manufactured to comply with the highest standards and provide maximum quality and easy application.


Installation tools and complements for executing Pladur systems. They include tools for the mechanical treatment of joints, manual and electrical cutting, screwing.