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Pladur® Training Center

At Pladur®, we understand that achieving excellence in the products and services we offer to our distributors and installation professionals requires training and specialization. By gaining a deeper understanding of our products and systems, we enhance the efficiency and quality of Pladur® construction solutions, optimizing execution times.


That's why we invest in professional training and development as the best path for our distributors, installers, and clients to stay at the forefront of the industry.


To achieve this, we have a Training Center and a team of highly qualified technical professionals who are specialized and ready to adapt to your specific needs. If you're looking to enhance your skills and seek Pladur® courses to acquire the necessary knowledge for professional practice, access our training sessions, courses, and instructional videos in this section.





Online Training Courses (in Spanish)

In our online courses section, we offer you the opportunity to enhance your skills by acquiring essential theoretical and practical knowledge for professional practice. Our courses cover a wide range of Pladur® products, systems, and installation techniques.


We provide regular webinars to keep you updated on the latest developments, relevant news, and Pladur® updates. Additionally, our online course library offers flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

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Interactive Pladur® Videos (in Spanish)

In this section, learn about Pladur® products and systems through educational visual content that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our innovative solutions.


Additionally, you can explore their installation processes and receive advice and recommendations for proper use. Complete your training anytime, anywhere. At the end of each video, challenge yourself with our interactive test. Demonstrate your knowledge and build confidence!‚Äč

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Learn in 1 minute (in Spanish)

Pladur® experts share their knowledge so you can carry out your projects efficiently and quickly.


You will receive recommendations to work with materials efficiently, information to differentiate plates by color or a guide on how to select the most suitable frames for your installation. 

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Pladur® Technical Information

Here, you will find articles, publications, and advice from our Pladur® experts on products and systems, providing technical information to help shape your project.


You'll also discover a compilation of the most frequently asked technical questions received by our technical support team, along with their respective answers.

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For every need, a solution

Pladur® offers three types of training:

In person at the Pladur® Training Center

In our Center we provide the most advanced and specialized training through Pladur® experts, in facilities designed to optimize classes.

In person at Pladur® distributors

In order to always offer the best and most appropriate service for each need, it is possible to carry out some of our training courses at our clients' facilities, always taught by Pladur® experts.

Online by Pladur® experts

At Pladur® we strive to provide services that fit the needs of our students, and that is why we now also offer some of our online courses, also taught by Pladur® experts.

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