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Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ section on Pladur® plasterboard and products, we answer your main questions on our products.


  • How can I find the nearest Pladur® distributor in my area? 

The Pladur website offers a service where, by entering your location, it shows a list of the closest Pladur® distributors.

Access the service from the link to Distributors.


  • How can I find the nearest sales representative in my area? 

The Pladur website offers a map where you can find the contact details of our entire sales team.

Access from the following link Sales network.


  • How can I get a technical sheet of a Pladur® System and its corresponding pricing? 

The Pladur® System Selector is available in the technical tools area of the website. This tool enables you to search for the Pladur® system you need and to obtain a pdf of the technical data sheet showing all its features along with a pdf giving a breakdown of the impact of Pladur® products together with pricing. 

Steps to follow: 

  • Access the System Selector tool.
  • Choose the family of the system you require.
  • Select the system you are looking for and click on the magnifying glass.
  • To obtain the pdf of the system sheet, click on the “print” button.
  • To access the price, click on the “Calculate quotation” button.
  • Select the composition of types of boards and the work volume.
  • To obtain the pdf of the final quotation, click on the “print” button. 

 Access our Pladur® System Selector from this link. 


  • Do you have Pladur® Systems in BIM? 

Pladur® has developed its full catalogue of systems in BIM objects for both Revit and Archicad.

We have a private Pladur® cloud where you can find all our systems. Access from the following link Pladur BIM private cloud.  

On each system page you will find: its description and field of application, pdf document excerpt from Pladur® Technical Manual, DWG file with the most characteristic 2D encounters of the Pladur® BIM systems and objects (in Revit and Archicad). 


  • Do you have price bases of your systems that can be exported to BC3 (FIEBDC)? 

Pladur® has developed the product and system information in CYPE and PRESTO price bases. On both platforms, information from our systems can be exported in BC3 format (FIEBDC).

You can find the price lists on our website in the tools area.

Access each platform from the links below: 


  • Where can I download the Pladur® Technical Manual? 

All our technical documents can be found in the tools area of our website, in the documentation section.

Access the Pladur® Technical Manual from the following link Technical Manual. 


  • Do you have sustainability certificates for your products? 

All environmental information on our products can be found in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents.

These documents include the Life Cycle Analysis, Classification on the emission of volatile organic compounds, percentage of recycling in the manufacturing process and location of the mining operation and production centres.

Access our Environmental Product Declarations from the following link DAP.