Partition walls between houses

Pladur® partition walls between houses are formed by two or more metal structures to which the Pladur® plasterboards are screwed on both sides of the partition. They are used to create a vertical separation between:

  • Two houses or units inside one house for different uses.
  • One house or unit inside the house and common areas.
  • Premises that require high acoustic insulation.

Wall linings

Pladur® wall linings are used to line the interior face of walls or construction elements, and to improve the acoustic and/or thermal insulation of the element that they clad.

Partition walls

They are partitions formed by a single metal structure to which one or more boards are screwed on both sides of the structure. The Pladur® distributing partitions are mainly designed to divide different parts inside the same usage unit in homes, offices, shops, etc.


Pladur® ceilings are linings placed beneath slabs or horizontal elements formed by Pladur® metal profiles and different types of boards. They are designed to:

  • Conceal installations and/or decorate premises.
  • Provide fire resistance of up to EI-120.
  • Improve the acoustic insulation.
  • Acoustically condition the premisesto reduce reverberation times and improve the intelligibility of spoken words (PLADUR® FON+).

Special systems

Partitions for special applications:

  • High Partitions, formed by a braced metal double structure to which two Pladur® plasterboards are screwed on both sides.
  • Pladur® CH Systems, with high-fire resistances are used to close off openings such as lift shafts or utility ducts, which are installed from only one side of the partition.