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Solutions for the construction of hotels and tourist accommodations.

Elevating the Architectural Experience


At Pladur®, we understand that the construction of hotels and tourist accommodations requires innovative and efficient solutions to create welcoming and functional spaces. Our wide range of Systems and Solutions is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning hotels, providing not only aesthetically pleasing environments but also high-quality technical solutions.






Specialized Technical Advisory:


Our team of experts is available to provide personalized technical advisory services from planning to project execution. We are committed to helping you find the most suitable solutions for your specific needs.




Relevant Solutions





Partition Systems

Designed to maximize space and flexibility, our Pladur® partition systems allow for efficient distribution of rooms and common areas. Additionally, they offer excellent acoustic and thermal properties, ensuring guest comfort.



Pladur® NEO Ceilings

Transform the visual experience of your spaces with our revolutionary Pladur® NEO continuous ceiling systems. These systems not only provide elegant and contemporary design but are also highly customizable and easy to install, allowing for quick adaptation to the needs of each hotel project.






Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

Ensure a quiet and comfortable environment for guests through acoustic and thermal insulation solutions. Our products are designed to reduce noise and improve energy efficiency, contributing to a more enjoyable stay.



Decorative and Sound-Absorbing Ceilings

Enhance the aesthetics of your interiors with our Pladur® FON+ decorative ceilings. Choose from multiple perforation designs to create unique and attractive environments while simultaneously improving acoustic conditioning and indoor air quality.


Why Choose Pladur®:


  • Innovation: We are at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies in construction to offer innovative solutions.
  • Quality: Our products meet the most demanding quality standards, guaranteeing durable and efficient results.
  • Versatility: We adapt our solutions to different architectural styles and specific requirements of each project.


With Pladur®, transform hotel construction into an experience that goes beyond expectations. Discover how our solutions can contribute to the architectural and operational success of your tourism project. Make every space a testament to comfort and elegance!





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Pladur® Magna 18

Pladur® Magna 18

Pladur® Magna 18

High resistance and efficiency laminated plasterboard that offers the maximum certified fire resistance.

Pladur® Magna 25

Pladur®  Magna 25

Pladur® Magna 25

Its reinforced formulation and high density offers a highly impact-resistant surface and a high level of fire resistance.

Pladur® Magna H1 25

Pladur® Magna H1 25

Pladur® Magna H1 25

Reinforced plasterboard that offers high resistance and on site efficiency, as well as maximum certified fire resistance.

Pladur® Cementex

Pladur® Cementex

Pladur® Cementex

The Pladur® Cement board is designed for highly humid areas or with risk of impacts, where strength and durability are mandatory.