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Pladur® Solutions for Buildings and Commercial Spaces

Comfort, Strength, and Efficiency in One Package


At Pladur®, we take pride in offering solutions specially developed to ensure the comfort and strength of walls in buildings and commercial spaces. We understand the unique demands of commercial areas, where acoustic conditioning, mechanical strength, and construction efficiency are crucial. Our solutions are designed to meet these high standards and deliver exceptional results.






Shopping areas require high standards of acoustic conditioning and excellent mechanical specifications for installed systems, along with fast building times.


The systems designed at Pladur® help shorten building times compared to other products on the market thanks to their fast building times. In addition, at Pladur ® we work constantly to provide market solutions, thereby improving specifications that meet its needs.



Relevant Solutions





High-Quality Acoustic Conditioning

Our solutions offer high standards of acoustic conditioning, creating a quiet and pleasant commercial environment for customers and employees.
Reduction of ambient noise and privacy in commercial areas.



Exceptional Mechanical Performance

We guarantee excellent mechanical performance of installed plasterboard systems.
Impact resistance and durability in high-traffic areas.






Quick Installation

Our systems are designed to offer reduced construction times, allowing for quick opening of buildings and commercial spaces.
Increased efficiency in construction execution compared to other systems in the market.



Adaptability and Versatility

Pladur® solutions adapt to various architectural and design needs, allowing for the creation of attractive and functional commercial spaces.
Flexibility to integrate lighting, decoration, and signage systems.






Continuous Innovation

We continuously work to improve performance and adapt to changing market needs.
Introduction of innovative solutions that optimize performance and efficiency.




Why Choose Pladur® for Buildings and Commercial Spaces:


  • Proven Experience: We have a solid track record in creating commercial environments that excel in comfort and strength.
  • Construction Efficiency: Our solutions enable fast construction execution, reducing time and costs.
  • Commitment to Innovation: We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly introducing solutions that enhance the market.


With Pladur®, we build commercial spaces that not only meet standards but also exceed expectations. Discover how our solutions can elevate the quality and efficiency of your commercial project. Build with confidence with Pladur®!





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