Thermal Insulation 

The Themal Insulation is the capacity to reduce heat transmission through a material. The systems we use in Pladur®, thanks to their configuration, achieve high levels of thermal insulation with low thermal inertia, achieving maximum efficiency and comfort.


  • It is measured in terms of thermal resistance.
  • Greater thermal insulation = Greater thermal resistance

Pladur systems improve thermal performance and contribute to a better energy classification for the building. 




Thermal resistance  

Property of a product based on its material and thickness
It measures resistance to the flow of heat 

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Thermal inertia 

  • Property of a material that indicates the amount of heat a body can conserve and the speed with which it absorbs or releases it.  
  • Property of a material that expresses the degree of slowness with which its temperature reaches that of the environment. 
  • Heating or cooling a material with low thermal inertia: 

- easier
- faster
- requires less installed power 


The configuration of Pladur systems means they provide high levels of thermal insulation with low thermal inertia, obtaining maximum thermal efficiency and comfort.  






Energy savings 

Minimal losses  

Lower demand






Thermal and acoustic comfort  

Thermal and acoustic insulation  

Against cold and heat (Mediterranean/  southern European climates)