Direct bond lining Enairgy® Efficient R3,15 (13Fonic+100 ISOPOP+® 32)

Direct bond lining made up of a processed thermal-acoustic insulation Enairgy Isopop+® panel attached directly to the wall using dollops of MA Enairgy® adhesive mortar placed every 300 mm horizontally and 400 mm vertically. Commensurate amounts of Pladur® materials: joint compounds, adhesive mortar, joint tape, etc. Completely finished with Quality Level 1 (Q1) for tile finishes, laminates, furring, etc. Also with Level 2 (Q2), Level 3 (Q3) or Level 4 (Q4), according to the surface finish (to be determined by the design). Installed according to Pladur® recommendations, UNE 102043 Standard and CTE requirements.


Further information

Maximum height: 3600 mm
Acoustic insulation - RA: 59 dBA
RA increase (with 100 kg/m2 load bearing wall): 10 dBA
Acoustic insulation - RA,tr: 50 dBA
RA,tr increase (with 100 kg/m2 load bearing wall): 6 dBA
System weigh: 16.025 kg/m²
Plasterboard: Pladur® FONIC
Board thickness: 12.5 mm
System thickness: 112.5 mm
Number of layers: Simple
Acoustic report number: AC18-26073725/4
Technical documentation: ISOPOP+® 32 ACERMI Nº 17/174/1316/6

Lining of interior and façade walls to increase their thermal or thermoacoustic insulation. Used in all types of construction, from new construction to rehabilitation and renovation.