Suspended ceiling Pladur® NEO 48/1200x600 1x12,5 N MW

Further information

Airborne noise insulation - RA: 71.5 dBA
Impact noise insulation - Ln,w: 61 dB
RA increase (with 350 kg/m2 slab surface): 16 dBA
Ln,w reduction (with 350 kg/m2 slab surface): 17 dB
Maximum distance between hangers: 1450 mm
System weigh: 10 kg/m²
Plasterboard: Pladur® N
Board thickness: 12.5 mm
Type of basic profile: Profile NEO P-48/600 + Profile NEO S-1.200
Number of layers: simple
Acoustic report number: B2022-LACUS-IN-164-3
Installation method: Technical Conformity TC-087066

Concealed suspended ceilings for indoor rooms providing acoustic insulation and fire resistance. They are easier to install and provide greater consistency due to the twin frames laid out crosswise to each other. In medium humidity areas, ceilings with Pladur® H1 or Pladur® OMNIA plasterboards have a secondary framing centres of 400 mm.