Semidirect ceiling Pladur® M-70x30 2x12,5 N MW

Semi-direct ceiling made up of a frame of galvanised sheet steel profiles over a base of Pladur® metal furring fastened directly to the support, on whose exterior side one or more Pladur® plasterboards are screwed. Commensurate amounts of Pladur® materials: screws, compounds, joint tape, resilient joints, etc. Completely finished with Quality Level 2 (Q2), Level 3 (Q3), Level 4 (Q4), according to the surface finish (to be determined by the design). Installed according to Pladur® recommendations, UNE 102043 Standard and CTE requirements.


Further information

Airborne noise insulation - RA: 65 dBA
Impact noise insulation - Ln,w: 72 dB
RA increase (with 350 kg/m2 slab surface): 12 dBA
Ln,w reduction (with 350 kg/m2 slab surface): 6 dB
Maximum distance between hangers: 600 mm
System weigh: 21 kg/m²
Plasterboard: Pladur® N
Board thickness: 12.5 mm
Type of basic profile: Metal furring 70 x 30
Number of layers: Double
Acoustic report number: 10.05/300.111
Installation method: UNE 120043 Standard

Ceiling with metal furring fastened to the support and plasterboards screwed onto at furring. For jobs or renovation that do not require plenum spaces for systems.