Bolueta Tower

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Pladur, Etex Digital
Descripción corta
Passivhaus Building
Año de realización
Tipo de proyecto
New Construction
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Solutions for partition walls and cladding
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Vivienda y suelo de Euskadi
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UTE Bolueta Sukia-Lurgoien
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Project Description

Sustainable Building with 192 Residential Units: Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Located on the right bank of the Nervión River, the building with 192 social protection residential units stands out as a benchmark in sustainability and energy efficiency. With its 28 floors and a height of 88 meters, this building is an architectural and environmental landmark. In 2018, it was recognized as the tallest Passivhaus building in the world, highlighting its constructive improvements and commitment to sustainability.

Key Features:

  1. Energy Certification A:
    The building holds an energy certification A, standing out for efficiency and energy consumption reduction.
  2. Passivhaus Standard:
    Adopts the Passivhaus standard, aiming to achieve nearly zero energy consumption. Rigorous measures in insulation, elimination of thermal bridges, and air tightness contribute to this achievement.
  3. Construction Improvements:
    Stands out for implementing significant construction improvements, especially in insulation and thermal bridge management. Meticulous attention to the building's airtightness highlights its focus on energy efficiency.
  4. Controlled Mechanical Ventilation:
    The double-flow mechanical ventilation ensures efficient air exchange, contributing to indoor air quality.
  5. Respect for the Environment:
    The building distinguishes itself for its commitment to the environment, implementing sustainable practices in all project phases.
  6. Strategic Location:
    Strategically located on the right bank of the Nervión River, the building maximizes its natural and urban surroundings.

Impact and Recognitions:

  • Passivhaus World Record:
    Recognized in 2018 as the tallest Passivhaus building in the world, setting a standard for sustainable high-rise construction.
  • Model to Follow:
    The building serves as a model for future constructions, demonstrating that energy efficiency and sustainability can be achieved on a large scale.
  • Environmental Awareness:
    Its focus on reducing environmental impact lays the groundwork for a more sustainable and environmentally respectful urban development.

This building is not only a home for its residents but also a tangible symbol of how architecture can lead the way to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.