Old Central Market

Project Details

Pladur, Etex Digital
Descripción corta
Building renovation
Año de realización
Tipo de proyecto
Tipo de edificio
Historic Landmark
Aislamiento acústico
Sistemas instalados
Partition walls, ceilings and cladding
M2 Placa instalados
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Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Contratas y Obras + Cabbsa

Project Description

Conversion of the Old Central Market into a Music Conservatory, Language School, and Adult Education Center: A Social Catalyst for Harmonious Coexistence

The conversion of the Old Central Market into a multifunctional space, which includes a Music Conservatory, a Language School, and an Adult Education Center, is an innovative initiative that seeks to revitalize not only a historical heritage but also foster harmonious coexistence among the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities converging in this border region.

Key Aspects of the Conversion:

  1. Music Conservatory:
    • The inclusion of a Music Conservatory aims to promote the appreciation and practice of music, uniting people through the universal language of music.
    • It offers educational and cultural opportunities, encouraging local talent and artistic expression.
  2. Language School:
    • The Language School contributes to linguistic and cultural diversity, providing learning opportunities for different communities.
    • It facilitates mutual understanding and communication among groups sharing a common space.
  3. Adult Education Center:
    • The Adult Education Center provides a continuous learning environment, empowering community members in various areas.
    • It promotes equal opportunities and enhances educational skills for adults from all backgrounds.
  4. Social Catalyst:
    • The initiative to transform the old market into an educational center serves as a "social catalyst," encouraging dialogue and interaction among communities.
    • It aims to overcome cultural and religious divisions, promoting peaceful coexistence.
  5. Strategic Location:
    • The choice of location on the border of three distinct communities highlights the intention to create a cultural and social bridge.
    • Proximity to different ethnic and religious groups fosters collaboration and mutual understanding.
  6. Promotion of Dialogue:
    • The project aims to specifically promote dialogue in response to tensions and radicalizations observed in recent years.
    • It offers a neutral space where differences can be appreciated and celebrated.

Impact and Achieved Objectives:

  • Peaceful Coexistence: The conversion seeks to create an environment where peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding flourish, overcoming social and religious barriers.
  • Cultural Integration: By incorporating diverse educational institutions, the project fosters cultural integration and knowledge exchange.
  • Community Strengthening: By offering educational and cultural opportunities, the project contributes to the strengthening of the local community.
  • Inspirational Model: It can serve as an inspirational model for other regions facing similar challenges of social and cultural divisions.

This initiative not only transforms a physical space but also seeks to transform social relations, promoting tolerance, respect, and collaboration among diverse communities.