Pladur Board N 6.5x1200

Laminated plasterboard consisting of a 100% natural gypsum core tightly bonded to two cellulose sheets. The board characteristics give it type A classification as per standard EN-520:2004 +A1 2009, i.e. it is a laminated plasterboard on which skim plastering using a suitable gypsum plaster or ornamental finish can be applied to its surfaces. It is identifiable by its light grey front. It has a nominal thickness of 6.5 mm, with a nominal width of 1200 mm. The long edges of the board are cardboard-coated and tapered (BA).

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It is used as a base board for dry construction of indoor masonry units that do not require any special specifications: partition walls; continuous ceilings (fixed and drop), cladding panels (direct-bond and self-supporting) and other decorative elements.


  • Ideal for decoration and curved areas


CE, A+