Pladur Board H1 13x800 BA

Laminated plasterboard consisting of a 100% natural gypsum core tightly bonded to two cellulose sheets. The board characteristics give it type H1 classification as per standard EN-520:2004 +A1 2009. This type of board contains additives that reduce water absorption capacity. They can be used for special applications, where lower absorption properties are required to improve the board specifications. It is identifiable by its green front. It has a nominal thickness of 13 mm, with a nominal width of 800 mm. The long edges of the board are cardboard-coated and tapered (BA).

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It is used in indoor masonry units in controlled humid areas (such as bathrooms, kitchens, changing rooms and showers).


  • Suitable for dry and humid zones* Easy to handle * In green for easier identification