Pladur Board CH

Laminated plasterboard consisting of a 100% natural gypsum core tightly bonded to two cellulose sheets. The board characteristics give it type A classification as per standard EN-520:2004 +A1 2009. This type of board is used in special applications such as walls for lift shafts, stairs and technical blocks which required greater surface hardness, damp-proofing and fire resistance. It has a nominal thickness of 25 mm, with a nominal width of 600 mm. The long edges of this board are cardboard-coated and straight (BC).

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It is used for the walls of lifts shafts, stairwells and installation technical blocks and conduits. The special way it is installed makes it ideal for party walls and cladding panels in difficult or inaccessible zones that require installation on just one side.


  • Excellent fire protection* Installation from just one side of the partition