Partition Pladur® 202,5 (70-35+12,5+e+70-35) 5N 2MW Braced

Partition made up of two Pladur® plasterboards screwed onto each side of a double, braced structure of galvanised steel and set apart from each other a variable distance (minimum spacing of 10 mm + thickness of the middle plasterboard). Both structures are built on Pladur® studs (vertical elements) and Pladur® channels (horizontal elements). Commensurate amounts of Pladur® materials: screws, compounds, joint tape, resilient/acoustic perimeter joints, etc., as well as anchors for channels on the floor and ceiling, etc. Completely finished with Quality Level 1 (Q1) for tile finishes, laminates, furring, etc. Also with Level 2 (Q2), Level 3 (Q3), Level 4 (Q4), according to the surface finish (to be determined by the design). Core of each Pladur® structure filled completely with mineral wool. Installed according to Pladur® recommendations, UNE 102043 Standard and CTE requirements.


Further information

Maximum height: 4200 mm
Acoustic insulation - RA: 58.7 dBA
System weigh: 57 kg/m²
Plasterboard: Pladur® N
Board thickness: 12.5 mm
Type of basic profile: Stud 70/35 Z1
System thickness: 212 mm
Number of layers: Double
Acoustic report number: AC3-D12-02-XII
Installation method: UNE 120043 Standard

Separation walls between distinct use areas (between inhabitable premises, protected or not) and between these areas and other common areas of buildings. Maximum height of the system determined by the bracing arranged at every 600 mm of height.