Pladur® Omnia, a single board for all applications

Pladur® Omnia is a board designed to meet the most demanding requirements. It is an excellent solution for all your needs.

Surface hardness

It is a high-density board with high surface hardness (diameter < 15 mm).

Acoustic insulation

Higher level of acoustic insulation than the N board (+ 3 dB).

Humid areas

Ideal for installation in areas of moderate humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens (type H1).

Fire resistance

It has the same fire resistance certification as Pladur F board.

All these requirements in a single board simplify material stocks and optimise building work, as it can be used in different areas such as:

Transit areas

The surface hardness and high impact resistance of Pladur Omnia makes the board the perfect solution for places such as corridors or communal areas.

Multi-requirement works or minor reforms

Where different needs have to covered (fire protection, humid areas, comfort, high resistance), such as schools, hotels and shopping centres.

Premium quality

Homes, offices, cinemas... where extra comfort is neede.