If you are thinking of refurbishing your home, consider investing in a solution with thermal insulation; you will save in heating and gain in comfort.

Keep your heat and save on heating.

Approximately 35% of energy is lost through walls due to poor insulation. Improving the thermal insulation of your walls will help reduce energy consumption (heating or air conditioning) repaying your investment in just a few years.

Savings and comfort with hot and cold temperatures

With ENAIRGY thermal cladding, you will heat or cool your home more quickly thanks to the combination of high thermal insulation and minimal thermal inertia. Thanks to the low thermal inertia of the Pladur® plasterboards, you do not invest energy in heating / cooling the walls, only the interior of the house, in addition to regulating the interior temperature of your house more easily.

Do not waste space

ENAIRGY® panels incorporate both a coating (plasterboard Pladur®) and a high thermal efficiency insulating material, thus reducing the thickness of the cladding (wall covering)

Easy and simple to install

Plasterboards with insulating material that adhere to the supporting wall with the help of Pladur® ENAIRGY® MA adhesive mortar.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

ENAIRGY® ISOPOP + panels provide thermal and acoustic insulation to provide you with extra comfort.